Gyanvani Programmes

(Educational Channel of Karnataka State Open University)
  1. Recorded Select Lesson Units available in print media for the benefit of students with visual problems (to commemorate the Birth centenary year of Louis Braille) August 2009.
  2. “Aesthetics of Kalidasa” and “Nature in Kalidasa’s Shakuntala”  Interviewed Dr. C.V. Giridhar Shastry, August 2009.
  3. “The Confession Scene in Racine’s Phaedra” and “The Influence of the French Language on English” Interviewed Dr. John Siluvai. August 2009.
  4. “The Need for Communicative English” and “Resume Writing”, Interviewed Jayashree Nagabhushan, August 2009 
  5. Vachana Sangeetha” by Suneetha Hiremath (Coordinated) April 2008.
  6. Contemporary Cultural and Literary Theories” Interacted with Dr. Suma. E., February 2008.
  7. Readings” Invited Volga, an eminent Telugu writer to read her story “MrinmayeNadam”, the translation of which was read by me. October-November 2007.
  8. Bansuri, Tabla and Hindustani Vocal”, Besides recording talks on Texts prescribed for the students of our university, I have also interviewed artist-students of Karnataka State Open University, like . V.L. Sameera Rao Bansuri Vidwan and Vidwan Viswanath Nakod, Tabla/Hindustani vocal Artist.
  9. Science Fiction”. Interviewed Dr. Narahari, General Secretary, Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies, 2003.