Newspapers, Uses and Abuses of  T.V., Famous Scientists, Rulers of Karnataka, English Poets, Our Interests, The Habit of Reading, Not Enough to be a Bookworm, Why Should We Learn Kannada?, Kannada Poets, Karnataka Scientists, Great Painters, Flowers, Temples of Karnataka, Artists of Karnataka, Animals, Musical Instruments, Gods and Goddesses,  The Profession I Admire, Karnataka Sportsmen, Factories, Soil, Bangalore, Mysore, Edible Items, Great Leaders, My Favourite English Poem, My Favourite Kannada Poem, Celestial Objects, Educational Institutions in Karnataka, Hills and Hillocks in Karnataka, Rivers of Karnataka, My First Experience as an Interviewer, Cloning, Louis Pasteur, Nations, “ Gangsmen” by M.C. Kaveri (15 years) of Kanagal, “Kumara Gandharva” by M. Yashoda (15 years), “Diamonds” by Jayalakshmi (13 years) of Paduvarahalli, “Topiary” by I.L. Shruti, “Vanishing Trades” by Archana (15 years), “Turmeric” by Sowmya (13 years), “Groves” by Elizabeth (14 years), “Jelly Fish” by Swarna (12 years), “Photography” by Sunethra (15 years),  “Grooves” by Aparna, “Olympics” by Suneeta, “Vanishing Trades” by Archana, “Readers as Role Models”, “Interviewing an Interviewer” by Yashoda, “Nations of the World”, “My Favourite Bird”, “If I were a Bird”,  “My Visit to Pinjarapole” by ”, I.L. Aalaap.


Talk By Sindhu

Engineer-Artist Vidwan Satish’s Violin Recital

Quiz Master Sameer on Quiz

Smitha Subramanya (12 years) and Party

Sugama Sangeetha by the disciples of Vidhushi H.R. Leelavathi


“Science Writing” by Professor J.R. Lakshman Rao

“How to Read a Play” by H.S. Umesh
Programme by Mentally Retorted and Cerebral Palsy Children
Programme by the Slum children of ENEDSA, Nachanahallipallaya
Playing of the Cassette on “Disney Land” followed by a Talk by I.L. Shruti
Hindustani Vocal by Master Suhas (11 years)
Talk on Chess Playing by Chess Champions T.R. Dwarakanath (10 years) and T.R. Dhirendranath (7 years)

Tarana Kuttappa’s (16 years) Premier Painting Exhibition

Lecture cum Demonstration of Oddissi Dance by Swapna Ponnappa

Reading of Poems by Mitha Devanoor

Dentist Dr. Jayaram on “Dental Care”

Prof. Narendra Naik on “Rationalism”
Talk by Lakshmi Viswanath Mirle on “Mavinakere Fair”

Talk on “Ayodhya”  by R. Indira
“How to Build up a Personal Library” by Prof. Sathyanarayana, Proprietor, Geetha Book House

Programme given by Ranga Rao Memorial School for the Disabled
“Rangageethe” by M.R. Venkata Rao (80 years)
Talk on “Forests Tomorrow” by C.S. Vedanth , Deputy Director of Forests, Ministry of Environment and Forests,  New Delhi
Manthra Bhajan by Master B.S. Athreya (11 years) and Master B.S. Vivek (8 years)
“An Evening with Mr. Yoganarasimha, Director and Script writer ,Actor, Lyricist, Singer

Talk on “Hearing Disorders” By Dr. Arpana Rao of Perdue University
Veteran Journalist Krishna Vattam on “Methods of Interviewing”

Karnatak Classical by Sumana Prabhakar
Lecture cum demonstration by Vidwan Veerabhadraiah Hiremath
Talk on G.P. Rajaratnam by Dr. N.S. Taranath

Slide Show on “Astronomy” conducted by Ms. Vidya of the Institution of Engineers
Sitar Recital by Vidwan N.S. Gopinath

“An Evening with Painter Smt. Muthamma Venkatesh”  

Chanting of Vedas by Guruveesh (13 years)
“On Translation” by Prof C. Naganna
Karnatak Music by Sumana Prabhakar
Talk on “Eye Problems” by Dr Girije Premnath of JSS Hospital
Hindustani Vocal by Vidwan Veerabhadraiah Hiremath, Tabla by Vidwan Sharan Kumar Guttargi

“Kumara Vyasa’s Abhimanyu” _ Gamaka Vaachana by Gamaki K. Ramachandra, Presided by Smt. Puttatayamma, Former Ditrector of AIR

“Mountaineering- Talk and Slide Show by Dr. C.P. Ravichandra

Talk on “Kannada Grammar” by Smt. Sharadamma

Geo Artistic Display by Prof. N. Subramanya

“Cross Continental Tour” – Sharing of Experience by Cyclist Hyder Khorakiwala

“An Evening with Dr. S.D. Srikanta” (Homeopath, Carpenter, Painter, Sculptor)

“An Evening with ‘The Wonder Boy” Suhas (5 years) (known as Human Calendar)

Display and Talk on “Curio” by Dr. Vijaya Dabbe

“Reproduction of Natural Sounds” by M.S.Geetha of Rangayana

“Blood Group and Blood Transfusion” by Dr. Satyanarayana of Sri Nivas Clinic
Hindustani Vocal by Krupa Nadig and Roopa, Harmonium by Vidwan Veerabhadraiah Hiremath

Krupa Nadig

Prof Sridevi on Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer
Theatre Games by H.S. Umesh
Talk on “Computer and Internet” by S.K. Lakshminarayan
Talk on “Old Testamant” by Master S. Shashanka (9 Years)

Talk on “Jesus Christ” by Master S. Shashanka (9 Years)
Talk on “Leptospirosis”, “Haemophilia”, “Thalasanemia” by Dr. Smitha and Dr. Vatsala
Shashanka Suresh (9 Years)’s Premier Exhibition of Paintings

Lecture cum Demonstration on “Golf” by S.K. Lakshminarayan
Introduction to Western Music by Vanassa Morgan Hope from USA
“Tribal Women of North Karnataka” by Prof. R. Indira
“Saint Francis of Assissi” by Dr. C. Naganna
“Life in the Forests : Then and Now” by Jayanand Derekar, President, Kunbi Samaj, Uttara Kannada 

“Why read Literature?” by Professor V.K. Natraj

Talk on “Astronomy” by Professor G.T. Narayan

“Why do I Write?” by Dr. Niranjan Vanalli

“The Stories of Hawthorne, Hemingway and Ruskin Bond” by I.L. Shruti
“Short Stories of Tagore and Mulk Raj Anand” by I.L. Shruti
“Kipling’s Just So Stories” and Jim Corbett’s My India by I.L. Shruti
“Tenszing’s Autobiography” by Dr. Suma Embar
“The Preservation of the Ozone Layer: How and Why?” by H.L. Sateesh
“Law: Society’s Safeguard” by Laxmy Neelakantaiah
“Children and Law” by Laxmy Neelakantaiah, Toronoto, Canada

“Wild Life Act” by Laxmy Neelakantaiah
“Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa” by Dr. C. Naganna
Rendering of Dasa Kruthis by Prof Nalini Chandar
Karnatak Music by Vismaya
Vachana Sangeetha by Hemant Kumar
Hindustani Vocal by Dr. M.S. Bhaskar, Tabla by Vidwan Ramesh Dhannur Harmonium by Prof B. Somashekar

“Identifying Medicinal Plants by Children” – Conducted by Saraswathi Sreekanta of Western Ghats
“Medical Jurisprudence” by Laxmy Neelakantaiah
“Journalism and Mass Communication” by I.L. Shruti
“Gender Inequalities” by H.L. Sateesh – Children respond- Interactive Session
Interaction with Natak Academy Awardee M. Dwarakanath

“Vedic Literature” by Dr. C.V. Ghiridhar Shastry

“Greek Language and Greek Drama” by Prof. Vijaya Guttal
Coaching the Tribal Children of Joida through Jayanand of Joida
Talk by Prof. R. Indira on “Girl Child and Education”
Prof Nalini Chander read her own translation of R.K. Narayan’s short story “Performing Child” – “Pradarshanada Kusu”

Vachana Gayana by Kripa Nadig and R. Purnima
Reading of Dr. Suma Embar’s story “Uru”, “Chapli Golu”“Bidugade”, Veena Santheshwar’s “Tirugi Hodalu”, Sara Abbubakkar’s “Niyama Niyamagala Naduve” and Vaidehi’s “Akku”
Reading of Volga’s “Mrinmayanadam”
Children read Dr. Chandrashekar Damle’s Pustakada Goode
Sanskrit Lessons conducted by Dr. C.V.  Ghiridhar Shastry

Programme on Idioms and Phrases, Syntax and Structure
Programme on “Quadralaterals and Poligons”
Programmes on “Proverbs” and “Tongue Twisters”

TALK ON “Origin of Drama”, “Introducing Raag Kamaj, Saarang, Kaafi, Ahir Bhairav, Jeevan Puri, Bhoop, Chandrakauns and Hasta Mudras, Shiro Bheda, Dristi Bheda and Taalaas”, “Dorter”, “Little Cormorant”, “Nepal and Netherlands”, “Hongkong”,  “Distinguished Women of Karnataka”, “Kuwait and Luxembourg”, “Tribals of Karnataka”,  “Dr. D.R. Nagaraj”, “Malavi and Norway”, “Phillipines, St. Christopher and Nevis”, “Auroras”,  “Thalassemia”, “Samsa”, “Bertolt Brecht”, “Guinea-Bissau”, “National Games”,  “Dr Abdul Kalam”, “Hermophilia”,  “F. Kittel”, “K.V. Subbanna”,  “Riddles”, “Handicrafts in Karnataka”,  “Algeria and Bolivia”, “Lal Bagh”, “Barbi Doll”,  “Venkatappa”, “Tonga and Vietnam”, “Vasco da Gama”, “Commonwealth Countries”, “Japan and South Korea”, “Lebanon and Mozambique”, “Nigeria and Peru”, “Laos and Morocco Nations”, “Niger and Panama”, “Sao Tome and Principe”, “Andora and Belize”, “Cape Verde and Dominica”, “El Salvador and Finland”, “The War of Roses”, “Nirad Chaudhary”, “Cartoons”, “San Marino, Trinidad and Tobago”, “United Arab Emirites and Vatican City”, “Poems by David Diop and Wole Soyinka”, “Colombia and Comoros”, “Achebe’s Short Stories”, “Alfred Nobel”, “Denmark and Ethiopia”, “Roopak Taal”, “Neptune”, “The Hills of Karnataka”, “Rowing”, “Arundathi Roy”, “Ramzan”, “Nature and Origin of Language”, “Mars”, “Greneda and Indonesia”, “Sir Ronald Ross”, “Heynus and Chhau – Lesser known Dance Forms”, “Ántigua, Barbados and Benin”, “Chad, Dominican Republic and Denmark”, “Katherine Mansfield”, “I.K. Gujral”, “Equatorial Guinea and France”, “Ghana and Hungary”, “Ireland and Kenya”,  “Rivers of Karnataka”, “Vincent Van Gogh”, “Pluto”, “Venus”, “Scychelles and Togo”, “Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe”, “Gambia”, Iceland and Jamaica”, “Kampuchea”, “Madagascar and Nicaragua”, “Uganda and Venezuala”, “St. Lucia”, Albania and Bahamas”, “Cameroon and Djibouti”, “Equador and Fiji”,  “Introduction to Techniques of Sitar Playing”, “Language and Style”,  “Monaco and Nauru”, “Gabon and Honduras”, “Ivory Coast and Jordan”, “Kiribati and Lesotho”, “Saint Lucia and Tuvalu”, “Western Samoa and Yemen”, “Photography”, “Oman and Paraguay”, “Bruguay and Vanuatu”, “Zaire and Zambia”, “Pioneers of the Modern World”, “Celestial Objects”, “Factories in Karnataka”,  “Edible Items”, “Educational Institutions in Karnataka”, “Great Leaders”, “Karnataka Sportsmen”, “Temples in Karnataka”, “Enid Blyton”,  “Talented Madmen” , “The War of the Roses”, “Child Rebels in Indian Myths”, “Teacher Figures in Indian Myths”, “Evil Characters in Indian Myths”, “Temptresses in Indian Myths”, “Significance of Boons and Curses in Indian Myths”, “Non Dynastic Rulers of India”, “Artist-Kings of India”,  “Ideal Rulers of India”, “Teenage Rulers of India”, “Sri Jamabaladinni Siddarama and Smt. Jattitayamma”, “Gubbi Company and Gubbi Veeranna”, “Banavasi”, “Badami”,  “A Short History of Karnataka”,   “Coorg District”,  “Kumara Vyasa and Kumara Rama”, “Slave Revolution”, “Great Masters of Classical Music”, “Lesser-known Artists of Karnataka”, “Soil in Karnataka”, “Introduction to Writers based in Mysore”, “Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea, “Legendary Lovers”, “Introduction to Talamala”, “Introduction to Sunadamala”, “Painted Stork”, “Adjustant Stork”, “Liberia and Maldives”, “Gautemala”, “Tanzani and Afghanistan”, “Barbados and Costarica, “Vaidehi’s Short Stories”, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, “Greek and Roman Myths”, “The Contribution of English Teachers to Short Fiction in Kannada”, “The Contribution of Men of Science to Short Fiction in Kannada”, “The Contribution of Students of Commerce to Short Fiction in Kannada”, “The Contribution of Muslim Writers to Kannada Short Fiction”, “Raman Research Institute”, “Bhutaraadhane”,  “Malladihalli Sevashrama”, “Folk Musical Instruments”, “M.V. Gopala Swamy”,  “Sports Grounds in Karnataka”, “Pandit Putta Raj Gavai”,  “Hundred Years War”,  “Bijapur District”, “Shushruta and Bhaskaracharya”, “Aryabhatta and Charaka”, “Dams in Karnataka”, “Nirad C Chaudhari”, “Kumara Gandharva” “Lakkundi” “Gayanaacharya Vasudevacharya”, “Sashvathi”, “Veene Sheshanna”, “Spotted Bill or Grey Pelican”, “Masti Kallu and Veeragallu”, “Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty, Louise May Alcott’s Little Women, Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies, Jean Giono’s The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness, “Johanna Sypri’s Heidi”,  “The Childhood of Great Scientists”,  “Vanishing Professions, Arts and Crafts, “Panchakshari Gavai”, “Origin of Language”, “Origin of Writing”, “Temples of Karnataka”, “Australia and Argentina”, “Bhutan and Brazil”, “China and Czechoslovakia”, “Guinea and Guyana”, “South Africa and Spain”, “Mongolia and Saudi Arabia”, “Sweden and Switzerland”, “Thailand and Turkey”, “Mali and Malta”, “Saint Vincent, Grenadines, Soloman Islands”, “Somalia and Sudan”, “Surinami and Swaziland”, “Senegal and Syria”, “Botswana and Burkino Faso”, “Brunai and Burundi”, “Cuba and Cyprrus”, “Gamaka”,    “Medicinal Plants”,  “Janapada Sahitya”, “Western Ghats”, “The Blind Poets”, “Newspapers in Karnataka’, “Reference Works in Karnataka”, “All India Institute of Speech and Hearing”, “Makkala Koota”, “Alliance Francaise”, “Art Schools in Karnataka” “Indian Space Research Organization”, “National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences” “The Contribution of M. Rama Rao, Mattigatta Krishnamurthy, J.M. Hanasoge, B. Narayana Swamy Rao, Vasantha, Bharati Suta to Children’s Short Story in Kannada and G. Varadaraja Rao to Children’s Poetry in Kannada”, “Jolada Raasi Doddana Gowda”,  “Mira Bai”, “Tansen” “Premchand”, “Tejaswi’s Adventure, Nerehoreya Geleyaru”,Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare”, “Castaway Literature”, “War in Literature”, “Vision Literature’, “Law in Literature”,  “Kalidasa”, “Sufi Stories”  “Short Stories of Maupaussse, Chekhov and Tolstoy”, “V. Shanta Ram”, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” “The Contribution of Germans to Karnataka”, “Ikkeri”, “Agumbe”, “Ihole”, “Basava Kalyana”, “Dambale”, “Pattada Kallu”, “Karavali”, “The Seven Sisters” “Sree Tyagaraja”, “Sree Kanakadasa”, “Sree Purandara Dasa”, “Pampa”, “Kumara Vyasa”,  “Pioneers of the Modern World”, “Gandhi and Ruskin”,  “Alfred Nobel”, Ringuet’s Thirty Acres, “Jim Corbett’s Why Tigers become Man Eaters, Gorur’s Halliya Chitragalu, Kuvempu’s Malenadina Chitragalu and Nammaurina Rasikaru”, “Dream Vision and Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress”, “Mathew Arnold’s Sohrab and Rustum”, “Nehru’s Works”, “Dr. Abdul Kalam”, “Scientists of India”, “Chanukya’s  Neetisara, “Lesser Known Tales from Indian Classics” “Dasha Avatara”, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Toru Dutt’s Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan, Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper,  “Around the World – A Programme to Enhance General Knowledge”, “Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar’s Halliya Chitragalu”, “Kuvempu’s Malenaadina Chitragalu”, “Kalidasa”, “Introduction to Raag Durga, Raag Sarang, Madhuvanti, Basant”, “Hunting Stories”, “Poornachandra Tejswi’s  Sahaja Krishi, Dr. Abdul Kalam’s  Wings of Fire, “Nerve Shattering Disasters”, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “Independent  Movements and Disasters” Ruskin Bond’s “The Blue Umbrella” (also enacted by children), “Mars”, “Greek Mythology” “Great Treasures”. “Edward Jenner”, “Charlie Chaplin”,  “Boxing”, “Yatching and Wrestling”, “USA”, “China” “The World’s Greatest Speeches”, “World Famous Allusions”, “Children’s Literature from the Commonwealth”, The Contribution of Iswara Chandra to Kannada Short Story”, “Nature in Danger”, “Wright Brothers”, “Saturn”, “Mars”, “USA”, “Statues in Mysore”, “Freedom Movements and Revolutions”, “Deserts”, “Kuvempu, Sri Ranga and G.B. Joshi”, “Nizam Ezekiel”, “Dairies”, “Venus Transit”, “Hitler”, “Ujjani”, “War Poetry and W.H. Auden”, “Edgar Allen Poe’s Stories”, “Salvador Dali”, “Piccasso”, “JRD Tata”, “Marlon Brando”, “Tagore’s Stories”,  “Decaying Deserts”, “Decaying Beaches” “Arafat”, “Chekov and Children’s Literature”, “Venus Transit”, “Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar”, “Shukra Sankramana”, “Nizzam Ezekiel”, “Dairies”, “The Contribution of Ruskin Bond to Children’s Short Stories”, “Chronobiology”, “Chandrashekar Azad”, “Hiranniah”, “Picaresque Novel”, “The Ramayana”, “T.S. Syama Rao”, “Vidushi K. Venkatalakshamma”, “Wellesley Bridge”, “Fairy Tales”,  “Robin Hood,    Robinson Crusoe”, “More Fairy Tales”, “The Little Brave Tailor”, “Rapenzuel”, “The Contribution of European Writers to Children’s Literature”, “Amitav Ghosh’s “The Town by the Sea”,  “Rashi” – Dr. M. Shiva Ram’s Centenary Celebrations, “Anakonda”, Extrme Sports” (Mrithyu Kreede), “T.N. Sreekantaiah”, “Bahubali”, “T. Sunandamma”, “P.T. Narasimhachar”, “Mysuru Huli Hulimane Seetharama Shastri”, “Rashi”, Gorki’s Mother, “R.K. Narayan’s Short Stories”, “Siamese Twins”, “Brahmaputra”, “Kangaroo”, “Godavari”, “George Carver – The Plant Doctor”, “Flightless Birds”, “Ida Scudder”, “The Art of Painting”, “Eco Tourism”, “Events and Personalities of 2006”, “Rembrandt”, “Nalanda”, “Months and the Sources of their Names”, “V.V. Mohalla and the Kannada Men of Letters”, “The Contribution of Radel Electronics Pvt Ltd to Indian Music”, “Bonsai”, “K.S. Thimmaiah”, “Malayasia”, “Dr. Kalburgi”, “The Black Forest”, “Matterhorn”, “Hegia Sophia”, “Dead Sea”, “The Minotaur Myth”, “Sapodilla”, “More Funny Tales”, “T.N. Srikantaiah”, “Evolution of Toothpaste”, “The World of Butterflies”, “Why do Birds Bathe?”, “Seven Wonders of the World”, “Scount Movement”, “Aesop”, “Germination”, “Clytie”, “Sunflower”, “Ticketless Travellers”, “Talkad” “Cry Baby Cry – Japanese Festival”, “Nakizumo”, “Heroes of Freedom Movement” , “Ballads”, “Sonnets”, “Tolstoy’s Stories for Children”, “Doctors as Writers”, “Anupama Niranjana”, “Arthur Conon Doyle”, “Odes”, “The Members of Mahatma Gandhi Family”, “Tales from Indian Classics”, “Laura Ingall’s Wilder and Silver Lake”, “Octopus and Killer Whales”,   “The Contribution of M. Rama Rao to Essay Form in Kannada”, “Van Gogh”, “Dramatic Monologue”, “John Constable, the Landscape Artist”,”Monet, the Painter”, “Pierre-Auguste Renoir”, “Potto”, “Joseph Turner”, “Extreme Sports”, “Motherland Calls, The World’s Tallest Statue at Sterlingard”, “Toulouse-Lautrec”, “W.H. Auden”, “Poet-Painter William Blake”, “The Rock at Girnar”, “Gauguin”, “Seurat”, “The Brooklyn Bridge”, “Sahasa Kalavidaru of the Film World”, “The Contribution of D’Souza to Kannada Literary World”, “Anton Makerenko, Russian Educationist”, “Simone de Beauvoir”, “The Centenary Celebrations of Kengal Hanumanthaiah”, “G.P. Rajaratnam”, “Indian Institute of Science”, “Bama”, “Lesser known Tales from Mahabharatha”, “75 Years of Kannada Cinema”,  “Subordinate Narratives from Mahabhatatha”, “Teeming Turtles”, “Treasure Island”  “Frankestein”, “JLM Le Clezio, the Nobel Laureate of 2008”, “Aristolokiasi Family (Eswari-Maheswari, Medicinal Plants), “Eminent Writers on What and Why should one Read?”, “100 Years of Government Ayurvedic College, Mysore”, “Churches in Mysore”, “Shillong”, “Stone Jars of Laos”, “Fabulous Tales from Foreign Lands”, “Anne Habba”, “Leois Braille – Bicentenary Year),  “Charles Darwin, Alfred Tennyson and Edgar Allen Poe”, “Drumsticks”, “Barbie turns 50”, “Afghanistan”, “Albania”, “Algeria”, “Andorra”, “100 Years of Women’s Day”,  “Austria”, “Bahamas”, “Bahrain”, “Bangladesh”, “Barbados”, “Belgium”, “Belize”, “My Fulbright Experience”, “Feminist Leanings of Isodora Duncan – The Mother of Modern Western Dance”, “Elizabeth Nay, the First Woman Sculptor from Texas”, “When Gandhiji came to Mysore”, “Mallikarjuna Mansur”, “Puttaraj Gavai”, “Tataiah”, “Krishnadeva Raya”, “Sir. M. Vishveshwaraiah”,  “Kamala Das”, “Intimate Interactive Theatre”, “Faraday”, “Celebrating the Year of India in Canada”, “Raag Durga”, “Raag Bhimpalaz”,  “The Influence of French Texts, Concepts and Art Works on the Karnataka Scenario”,  “Chimney Sweepers as Personae in Select Literary Texts” , “Parvathavani’s Birth Centenary Year – Reading of his Keechaka , “Polar Circle Marathon”, “Los Vegas”, “Insanity”, “Poland”, “Dalit Literature and Choma’s Drum”, “Race the Train - Empire State Race, Cross Country Race – Talk and Enactment”, “Swami Vivekananda’s Talks”, “The Issue of Entailment in Select Literary Texts”, “Talk on What after SSLC and PUC?”, Information Technology” ,  “Campus Literature”, “Subterranean Literature”,  “Barbie as Doll and Metaphor: A Close Reading of Marge Piercy’s poem The Barbie Doll”, “Bonsai as Tree and Metaphor: A Close Reading of Marge Piercy’s poem The Bonsai Tree”, “Ajji Kathe”, “Greek Myths”, “Understanding the Terms Mercy and Grace: A Close Reading of The Quality of Mercy from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice” , “Poetic Strategies Employed in Shakespeare’s The Quality of Mercy” , “Pushkarotsava”, “Forum Theatre ”, “Theatre Pedagogy”, “Mary Carpenter”,  “Green Studies”,  “Writings by the Incarcerated Persons”,   “Mirror as a Literary Devise”, “Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar’s Bylahalli Survey”, “Graphic Novels”, “Cashless and Less Cash Issue” , “Circles in Mysuru”, “Joida”, “Kalleshwara Fort”, “Pinjrapole”, “Tambdi Surlas Mahadev Temple”, “Mural Painting”, Jebel Hafeet Mountain” “Dogs as Pets”, “Lord Krishna’s Smartness”, “How Learning Riddles Enhances Language Skills”, “Kannada Medium Students Receive Training to Participate in English Quiz Programme”, "Pioneer Scientists as Artists" “Supermoon”, “Rail Services to Mysuru: Then and Now”, “Functions of Verbals”,  “World Famous Libraries”, “Training Kannada Medium Students to participate in English Quiz  (Relating to Sports)” “Slovenia’s Bled Lake”, “Significant Celestial Events in 2018”, “Stage Chemistry: Connecting Science and Theatre Arts”, “Travelogue” “French Naturalist Entomologist, Jean Henri Fabre ”, “Reversal of Roles: The Caring Fathers of the Bird-World” “Why are the Sparrows Declinng?”, “ Children and Childhood in P.V. Chandrasekhara Rao’s Prose Narrative Chinnada Garigalu" , “Sindhutai Sapkal”, “Tri-coloured Crater Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu, Indonesia”, “How Theatre Arts Techniques Contribute to Language Learning”, “Rome’s Capuchin Crypt” , “Lesser Known Natural Wonders”, “Mystras/ Mistras, Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece ” , 28th Anniversary of Children’s Literary Club: Talk on “Zeugma, Paralipsis, Litotes, Synecdoche and Periphrasis”,“Prosopopoeia and Hyperbole” , “Oxymoron and Metonomy” ,“Kozhikamudhi Elephant Camp” and “Attivere Bird Sanctuary” “Cliffs of Moher”, 29th Anniversary of Children’s Literary Club: Talk by Dr. R. Purnima, on “Impact of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” and Ruskin’s Unto this Last on Mahatma Gandhiji”, Talk on “Kisama’s Hornbill Festival” Talk on“Palaces in Mysuru”, “Charles Goodyear : The Father of Vulcanization”, “Prison, a Fertile Space for Writers, Artists, Scientists and to Inspire Laws”, 30th Anniversary of Children’s Literary Club: Talk by Dr. R. Purnima on “Eminent Scientists, who are also Artists”, Talk by R. Purnima on “Fire Rainbows”, “Amazing English: Body Parts used as Verbs” “Celebrating the 251st Birth Year of William Wordsworth and 201st Birth Year of Anne Bronte”.

“Intertwine Interdisciplinary Methodology to Strengthen Fundamentals of English Language” a 10 Day Workshop to Commemorate the 50th Death Anniversary of M. Rama Rao, Faculty, Department of English, MGM and Chief Editor of English Kannada Dictionary of the University of Mysore between 28.3.2021 to 6.4.2021.

Children, whose medium of instruction is Kannada were encouraged to learn the right English language skills, through Titleist English Language Teaching Method

“World Theatre Day – Enactment of Tolstoy’s Stories for Children” by the Children of Chamundi Children’s Home, Mysuru on 27.3.2021, Talk by Dr. R. Purnima on “Sunny Side Museum and Indian Military History”.

Talk by Dr. R. Purnima on “Remembering Professor C.D. Narasimhaiah during his Birth Centenary Year: Why and How?”

Talk by Dr. R. Purnima on “Lesser-Known Facts about North East India”, “Turning Authorial Careers into a Paying Proposition”.

Centenary Celebrations of Mother’s Day,
English Speaking Day conducted
Dramatization of Tagore’s “Return of the Little Master”
Reading of “Dharmadhikaariya Deepastambagalu”, a translation of M. Rama Rao, based on “The Bishop’s Candlesticks”, and followed by enactment of select portions
Bicentenary of Hans Christian Anderson and reading of I.L. Aalaap’s translation of  “The Flying Trunk” “Haaruva Pettige”
Centenary of Mulk Raj Anand and reading of the translation of “The Lost Child” (Translation mine)
500th Centenary Year of Cervantes’ Don Quixote
Reading of  Iswara Chandra’s “Chitte Manusya” before  Aids affected Children of Asha Kirana Hospital
Reading of Dr. N.M. Gayathri’s Translation of Chinuva Achebe’s “The Deadman’s Path”
Reading and Enactment of “Tola and Meke” at Ashadayaka Trust near Highway Circle in Mysore
Special Programme on Simone de Beauvoir - Viewing the Photographs of Women Writers of the World”
Teaching Preposition and Articles using Theatre Arts Technique
Music Classes

Cultivate Reading Habit /Attempt Translation/and Nurture Dramatic Skills. 5 Sessions each at Baharati Stree Samaj, Boys Middle School and Kumbarakoppal School (Agastya Foundation), Anganavaadi (Manjunathapura), Poornima Shikshana Samsthe, Vinayakanagar, Samudaya Bhavan (Manjunathapura RLHP), Government Home for Boys, Government Home for Girls organized by CLC between April and May 2017.

Chanting from Koran, Bible and the Vedas by children
On the Spot Painting by Children
Word-Building in Kannada
Children name Capitals of Countries
Programme on Gods and Goddesses
Pick and Speak by Children
Rangoli by Children
Children participate in Observation and Memory Test
Quiz Programme relating to Currency, Astronomy, Musical Instruments
“We Care for Nature that is Ours – Children amidst Colours and Flowers”

Garden Show - Children display the plants they have reared

Children identify leaves

Children identify shades of Green Colour
“Story Telling” by Children
Music and Dance by Children
“My Favourite Kannada Poem” – Children express opinion
Fancy Dress by Children

Children reel out Tables in the Reverse Form
Children participate in Sports Day Event
On the Spot Painting by Children
Viewing the Art Work of Professor V.M. Sholapurkar, Formar Director of CAVA

Children read stories by Anita Desai and Sri Sisu Sangamesha, Marathi Short Stories in English translation,
Garden Show by Children
Children watch Comet Hale Bopp
Children Draw Straight Lines and Circles without using a Scale or a Compass
Children discuss K.V. Iyer’s “Anathe Anasuye”, “Women Characters in Select Short Stories”
Children Visit Lesser Known Places of Worship in and around Vontikoppal
Children View/Visit the Residence of Mysore-Based Writers – P.V. Chandrashekar Rao, Kuvempu, Chaduranga
Quiz Programme relating to Sports, Lesser- known Languages
Children’s Talk on “My Favourite Mythical Character”, “Profession I admire” 
Programme by Elizabeth Mathew (and other children) at Saraswati Samudaaya Bhavana, Jayalakshmipuram besides presenting programme before the Elder Citizens at Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru

Exhibition of Leaves Drawings at Sri Satya Sai Baba Higher Primary School
Exhibition of Craft Work by Children
Children observe and Draw Flags of the United Nations
Children read Kalidasa’s Stories
Creation and Enactment of Stories by Children
Children enact scenes from their Favourite Stories
Children on “How I spent my Holidays”
Children name Countries in Asia, Africa and Europe
Siblings’ Day
Children draw Animals using the Rangooli Powder
Children read P.V. Chandrashekar Rao’s Iruveya Kathe and discuss the Novella with the writer
Children participate in Harate Programme
Bird – Song  a) Reciting Poems on Birds, b) Talk by children on “If I were a Bird”,
Rangoli  -  a) Birds manifested through Rangoli, b) Trees in Rangoli, c) Animals in Rangoli

Reading, Identification and Enactment of Scenes from Kannada Short Stories by Children
Children read Shankar Mokashi Punekar’s Short Story “”Bilaskhan”, Fakir Mohammad Katpadi’s “Nombu”
Drawing of Flags and Colouring them
Word-Building – Words pertaining to Human Body only
Creation of Bird Images using the Rangoli Powder

Children recite Poems on Birds
Description of Birds by Children
Children play Hopscotch and Rural Games

Children listen to Audio Cassettes of Great Musicians
Children read Classics
Programme on “Current Affairs”, English Grammar”, “Reverse Tables” etc.
My Life -  Children present their Life Story
Biography” – Presentation by Children
Children read out their Experiences on “How I spent my Holidays”
Quiz Programme on Alfred Nobel
I.L. Aalaap read his Translation of “The Rich Man and the Poor Man” at Dhvanyaloka (Sanjay Memorial Seminar “Literature in the Global Village” in the Evening
“Programmes on “Around the World”, English Grammar”
Quiz Programme pertaining to Dashavatara and Jesus Christ
Programme on “Creative Writing”
An Exhibition of Pencil Drawings of Fishes by M . Yashodha
Book Release Function – I.L. Aalaap’s Translation of M. Ramarao’s Kannada Short Stories – Professor U.R. Ananthamurthy released the Book

I.L. Aalaap was interviewed by A.I.R on 11.8.2003 under their Makkala Mantapa Programme – to do with his experience as a Translator and he read a Translation of his at Rotary West on 16.12.2003 and Government Hostel for Girls on 7.1.2004, at Nirmala High School on 12.10. 2004,
Children construct Stories
Word-Building Programme
Children read Fames Barrie’s Peter Pan
“English Grammar”, “Current Affairs”
A Quiz Programme on “World Literature – Immortal Characters and Episodes”
Reading of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
Special Quiz Programme on English Grammar
Story Telling and Dialogue with Aids affected Children of Asha Kirana Hospital
Children visit Montessori House in V.V. Mohalla
Exhibition of M. Yashoda’s Pencil Drawings of Leaves, Fishes and Images and Shadows
Children identify Leaves
Children View Barks of Trees
Renuka’s Story “Shisharinda Nonda Gurugalu” was read out before other children
Reading and Enactment of “Shavige Payasa” by Ashadayaka Trust on 26.11.2007
Word-Building Programme
Children discuss Aravind Adiga’a story “The Sultan Bazaar”
Children of Asha Dayaka Trust read and enact several Kannada Stories
Children view Posters of Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Reading Rakshidi’s Bellikereya Halli Theatre
Reading M. Rama Rao’s play Anumanada Avantara
Reading and Dramatization of H. W. Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride” and Browning’s “Incident of the French Camp”
Reading of V.N. Ashwath’s Sree Krishna Sandhana and dramatization of Select portions
Reading of Malthesh’s story “Dog Father”
Programme on “Cracking the Mystery”
Children Participated in AIR Makkala Mantapa Programme 
Reading on and Dramatiztion of the Life of Marie Curie, (in connection with 100 years of her winning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry)
Several Classes on Music and Music Appreciation
Children read “The Adventures of Thikanna and Thimmaiah”
Bus Game
Observing February 2012 as “International language Month”
Celebrating Mathematics – Children reel out difficult Tables
Celebrating the Bicentenary year of Charles Dickens Reading and Enactment of Dickens’ story “A Child’s Story” (Children read, filled gaps and enacted)
Reading Chandrashekar Rao Iruveya Kathe and Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty
“The Right to Learn Right English Language Skills: Let’s listen to the Voices of Children”
Children Read and Discuss Published Writings by Senior Members of Children’s Literary Club,
Children present Papers on “Culture Specific Festivals of My Native Place”,
Kannada Medium Children learn to Recite Tables in English, (Forward and Reverse), 
Children participate in a Programme on “ Tongue Twister" 
Children present Papers on “The Sweetest, The Most Bitter/ and    Memorable Experiences of Our Lives”
In addition to the above mentioned programmes the folloing programmes were also conducted –
Word-Building both in English and Kannada (sometimes covering only select areas like Human Anatomy), Quiz Programme both in English and Kannada (sometimes covering only the Literary Texts, Lesser-known Languages, Lesser-known Islands, Nations, Lesser-known Currency, Sports), Current Affairs, Proverbs, Riddles, Tongue Twisters, Bus Game, English Grammar etc.

Imagination on the Run: Children Enact Scenes from Select Stories” Co-ordinated by Dr. R. Purnima
English Quiz Programme for Kannada Medium Students - Amrutha, Prakurti, and Spandana, Kannada Medium students, pursuing their 7th Standard at Government Higher Primary School,V.V. Mohalla, Mysuru, participated in an English Quiz Programme held at Mahajana High School,Vinayaka Nagar Higher Primary School and Vinayaka Nagar High School; trained by Dr. R. Purnima